The National Institute for Fire Safety and Training (NIFAST) is a member-based professional organization, and is the provider of effective and convenient fire safety training. Offering professional safety certifications and topical certification courses, NIFAST uses both classroom/on-site training and distance education to cover a wide range of up-to-date training topics. Combining modern training methods with easily understandable material, NIFAST fire safety training is effective and comprehensive, striving to fill the gaps in existing fire codes.

NIFAST provides a variety of quality services relevant to the wants and needs of NIFAST members and affiliated organizations alike. The primary focus of NIFAST is to provide safety training and industry third-party certifications that validate knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of fire safety. Additionally, we provide services, and benefits that support and enhance the professional development of our members, affiliates, and partner organizations.

Finally, the fire safety principles and fire safety philosophy espoused by NIFAST and its members can be adopted and utilized by any organization interested in promoting fire safety in the workplace or home environment. We help our members to create and promote a fire safety culture.

You do not have to be a member to purchase safety products from the NIFAST store!

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